My Agony
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2010-04-23 18:45:33 (UTC)

April 23, 2010

Most people think that having special powers and seeing
things other people can't see is SO COOl. Yet to ourselves
that have these dumb ass feelings, its super annoying. When
people who think you look funny or something bug you to see
what reaction they get out of you just to amuse themselves
to me is the lowest. I think that others who are like me
think that its annoying as well. I try to be normal
everyday. Yet when I'm not myself, I feel like I can't even
do anything that I truly feel is happy. I have always asked
myself. "Why are the way you are and not like the others of
your kind?" And I still seek the answer. All I know is that
when it comes to my happiness its not possible. Others
believe that its something they can easily just take and
become happy themselves like bees taking the pollen from
flowers. Yet when it comes to happiness, you take it by
force instead asking for it first. Most people don't really