the wonderful world of ikys
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2010-04-23 15:45:29 (UTC)

Who is Ikysadonis?

I am Ikysadonis and I am the most understood person of all.
I decided to get an online journal to vent. I noticed that
when I used to keep a journal as a child, while being teased
at school, it helped me get through many moments. Nowadays I
just keep things bottled inside and when it comes out, it is
bad. Having a journal ,I believe will help me see some
things within myself that I could change. The good thing
about it is that I made it public so that people I do not
know could give me feedback and read what I have written
versus peopke I know. To me it does make a big difference.
A lot of times I will be reverting back to past events, and
express some thoughts that I want to let out. I am still
debating on whther or not I would include real names in mmy
diary entries. I would describe myself as an adult woman, I
am mixed with
black, white, indian, and creole. I am light complected,
short, wavy/curly hair, thick, light brown slightly slanted
eyes. and smooth skin. That is just the physical,
personality wise I am sweet ,loving, loyal, caring,
understanding, and a deep individual. I love to write, I
like art, music, movies, poetry, and reading. The
conflicting things wthin me is that I have an unisex face
and personality. Yes I am heterosexual! I get hit on a lot
by males and females. I have had issues with two females
liking me more than they are supposed to, which gets on my
nerves. I dress very feminine, but I am still a tomboy. Many
have told me that I am a fine girl but yet a cute boy! lol!
As many read my entries they will see that I have tendencies
or think like a male within certain situations. It also does
not help that my voice is kinda deep as a female but you can
tell I am a female. Physically I do not look like a male by
my body at all! I am okay with me as an individual I love
myself so much that I am a narcissist. There are many
things in life that has happened to me which brought that
negative characteristic fro

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