teanage gypsy
2010-04-23 01:36:23 (UTC)

Tired of people living in my house!!!! Please answer this and tell what to do.

Hey, yall. I'm not really in a good mood... I have people
living in my house that drives me nuts. The funny thing
about it it's my husband's brother and his wife.

They even have a little girl too. Not much older than
mine. By about 20 days apart.

They don't do anything in the house.... just me, myself
and I. I clean, i do the dishes. Sometimes i have to watch
their litttle girl too when they leave her in the living
room all by herself.

she gets into everything. You see, she crawls and gets
stuff she's not supposted to be getting into... I know
she's a little girl but she gets on mine and pushes her
down and it gets her upset. It gets me upset, but I can't
do nothing about it, though.

They are so stupid that they put her in a pool all the
time. And she is probally going to get her sick, like
having amonia. My Mother-in Law knows it too, but she
don't want to get in their business. she should becausde
thats a her Granddaughter...

They even fix food and don't even eat it. And don't even
clean it either... It pisses me off. Sometimes I wish they
would move out but they can't because they don't have
jobs. I don't knoe how they spend money on themselves and
their baby. It don't makes sence to me. I wish they would
grow up. They even go parttying still.

I hate it for that little girl who has parents like that.
I feel so sorry for her. They even leave her in the living
room wear she can get into everything...i should say
something but i'm not that person, plus I don't won't to
start a fued. Tell What I should do... Please apply..

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