Mine Not Yours
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2010-04-22 19:47:36 (UTC)


Well whats new? Nothing. I don't know if its just me but
music just helps to express how i am feeling more then me
saying or telling someone. Its so hard. I just miss being in
love and having someone love me back. But right now the only
way i know how to define love is always being heartbroken. i
wish i can just say i don't care its in the past but then it
always ends up being in he present. It never stops and now
im starting to think its my fault because im still here.
Letting myself get walked on. Even when the worst things
happen to me i cant even trust to talk to the person im
supposed to be in love with because i don't want to be
judged or looked down upon. So if anyone has and helpful
info please.... help me.

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