my Liife x3
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2010-04-22 16:59:04 (UTC)

apr. 22. 2010 _ im madd

so today i was in skool and i was in gym 0 period doinq my
work and the teacher gave us a group project . we had to
work in a set of 2's .

so i was working with my partner albero ; and we had a big
paper thats said a question on iht . we had question #2 and
marie and some girl had question #1 .

so ms.klien goes " who has question #1 ? "
so they qo .. " we do " so we are all waiting for them to
say the answer and they fightinq over iht sayin " no you
do " _ " no you do it " :o so i got mad (&) told her ...

SOmeone just answer already

and she started talken shit and we started fighting..
bytchess think im pussy x333 ughh .. thiink twice BOOBOO :o