Confessions of a married woman
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2010-04-22 14:55:23 (UTC)

Long Days, Drama & Painful Boobs!

Talk about having long days lately. I have been so
overworked these past weeks. I can't wait until our
benefit is over. This whole planning of a benefit is so
tiresome and with drama in my house I get so tired.
Yesterday I was in a "conference" for over 8 hours, I was
ready to go home I don't even know how I handled being in
traffic for 45 minutes, I was seriously falling asleep and
carpooling with my sister doesnt help because she started
napping. I felt like just dropping her off, but I had to
get off to see my mom as she was finally discharged from
the hospital, she is back to her normal self again, thank
God. I of course saw my beautiful nephew. He is getting
so big! I can't believe how much he grows in just one day
he is so adorable and smells so good, like a baby :).

As soon as I got home I took off my work clothes just left
my camisole tank top (and undies) and slipped under the
covers for a nap, of course my little doggie slipped in
with me too, she's so cute! I slept all the way through
about 9 pm... I felt so good, at that time what's his face
got home, he turned off my bedroom light (as if I asked
him to) and that is what woke me up. I got up... went to
get a drink of water, and I was a little hungry so I
heated myself some leftovers from the day before... sat in
front of the TV and watched Millionare Matchmaker, which
by the way he HATES... but we are always watching his
choice, I think I deserve to watch my own shows once in a
while. I mean if he doesnt want to watch he can always go
to the room and watch something else... but no.. he always
wants to chill with me so..he was being torchered. I
stayed up.. since I had slept all afternoon and he went to
bed. He kept calling for me to go to bed, and I kept
telling him that I didnt want to. He got very upset, and
when I did go to bed after I had finished watching the
shows he was pissed off, why? I have no clue. I did
notice that he was a bit edgy, I guess he must have some
type of problems with his hoe, but that's not my problem.
Nor do I give a fuck what type of problems does he have
with her slutty ass. Sometimes I wonder how they put up
with each other. How does he put up with a baby that is
not even his... that he is helping raise.. I mean to leave
me for someone that is pregnant not with not his child.. i
mean that is some nerve and if you knew my X you'd be like
WTF!?! He is SOOOOOOOO impatient and he has no saying to
raise this kid I mean it's not his. And how can her hoey
ass put up with him living with me? I mean doesnt she
want some type of respect? She's not one that deserves
respect that is for sure. I mean what type of person is
she to be pregnant and then mess with a man who is married
that she is well aware of? She's a keeper that is for
sure. Anyway I'm just rambling about these two idiots,
(not that I'm not one since I'm still living in our house
but I have my reasons). *sigh* I dont' know why life has
to be so complicated?

I can't wait until Saturday, I will be attending a wedding
and hopefully it will be fun. As for B he didnt text me
yesterday, which is cool, I hope he is kinda getting the
hint.. eek! I'm glad today is finally Thursday as I love
my gym class, can't wait to get all sweaty and salty and
lol well you know. It just feels so good. I wish I had a
gym by me so that I could join and go all the time,
although it is nice to see the same people over and over
at my gym class in college, and it is such a small group
and a beautiful gym, too bad all my classmates are young
(wait I should say too bad I'm so old lol) or else there
may be some potetnial in there...hahhaa. Oh well I better
get my ass back to work I have so much to do and so little
time. I am sooo behind on projects here in the office. I
guess today will be another long day! I also feel my aunt
flo coming down my boobs hurt like crazy! gawd I hope it
can wait until Sunday, since Saturday is the wedding and I
want to wear my little black dress comfortably! I dont
think it will since I already started my cravings, boob
hurting and I broke out with some pimples.. wtf.. how old
am I? 15? I guess it is better than going through
menapause, right?

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