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2010-04-22 05:43:43 (UTC)

Cal from Ex

Got a call from ex today while she was on her way to work.
Of course, it's while she was out of her new man's home.

She told me about how she felt. Filled with mixed emotions.
I told her she was the one that left. She said she didn't
like being accused of seeing the other guy anymore. Well, I
told her that when she left, she didn't leave to go to a
motel. It was not all of a sudden. She left to go to her
man's home. This also meant that it was planned. From
renting a u haul, taking the ceiling fan, fridge, plants,
etc. It was not a spur of the moment thing.

I don't want to analyze things but I told her that I'm sure
she didn't just drive up to his doorstep with a u haul. This
would mean that she was in communication with him all this
time. This means that I was right with my suspicions when
she wouldn't show me her phone all these months.

Her other complain was that I didn't like her older kids.
Well, I took care of them for about 10 yrs now while their
bio-dad didn't help with any child support.

My only complaints with the 19 yr old daughter was that she
help with the dishes at home and if she could clean her
bathroom once in awhile. That was it! That is too much?

I asked ex that her 23 yr old son just had to ask when he
took my stuff. That way, when I need to use it I could ask
for it back and not look around for it and wonder where it is.

So I told her that if that was being too mean, then it is a
good thing that she left. I understand that they are her
kids from a previous marriage so go ahead and protect them.
I can be the mean step dad.

She also complained that I told her the F word to her. Not
sure if I did that. I'm trying to think and the only time I
may have said it was once or twice in a year. Hey, I'm not
perfect but when I have suspicions about you talking to your
boyfriend on the phone and I'm pissed about it, then yea...
I may be guilty of saying that no more than twice.

Funny how she make the little things like this seem larger
than it it. I said that to her too. I also thought that she
is really grasping for straws and that the real reason is
probably something else and she is using these lame excuses
instead of the truth.

Anyway, I didn't want to get into it with her so I told her
that she was the one that left and if my love and support
wasn't enough, then it is a good thing that she left.

So I ask if all is good now and she has all she wanted, why
is she calling me? If she didn't want to resolve things
while she was here, what's a few phone calls gonna matter
now? Am I that person that is the "phone guy" now? Have we
switched roles and I'm the one she confides in while she
lives with boyfriend?

Well, I'm not interested in playing that role. You know,
when she split the other time, I started going out as a
single guy and met some new friends. I didn't screw anyone
because I knew I was probably in rebound mode and I was
afraid of the consequences I would feel if I did anything.
Well, I think it's gonna be ok now for me to play the field.
I'll see.

so, today is gonna be a busy day for me at work. Lots of
deadlines to meet. I want to thank my ex for setting the day
for me!!!!! AAAAARRGGGGHHH!!! lmao.

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