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2010-04-21 18:31:10 (UTC)

Weird EX wife

WTF?! Today, I was getting ready for work when low and
behold, I get text msgs from ex-wife. If you are wondering,
the answer is "no" we are not in high school. We are both in
our 40s!!! Weirdness!

Anyway, she sent multiple texts. I will transpose below. You
have to forgive here grammar. She got married very young and
never finished high school. And if you are wondering if she
is from Kentucky, that again is a "no". She migrated from

fr wife: You in my heart forever you know that.

my thoughts: Yup, I see how you show that by ransacking the
house while I'm hard at work. Faaaabulous!!

fr wife: God bless you hon.

my thoughts: Just like Elvis, God has left the building!!!

fr wife: Am going to pick up the kids stuff and my clothes.
I left int the dryer and don't worry am not taking anything
else miss you allready.

my thoughts: Shit, you took pretty much everything already.
Even the damn ceiling fan is gone!

fr wife: It hurts you know.

my thoughts: How many months you refused to show me your
phone. It was obvious that you were hiding something. I knew
this was already coming. I don't know why you begged to come
back last year anyway if you can't fix yourself.

fr wife: you confuse me. You try to be so nice after the
divorce but before, you just treat me unfair why?

my thoughts: because I finally don't anyone cheating on me
anymore so sure, I'm happy now that a heavy burden has been
lifted off of me. She doesn't realize the fear or worry she
instilled in me because I know she has morals of an alley cat.

I know they intend on doing another ransacking of the house.
There are still things of value here. Second wave coming
soon. I will make sure to update you.

Karma, please show your face soon!!!
I know life has a way of balancing things out. I've seen it

I know good things are in store for me. Just need to man up
while I wait. Till then readers, don't do what I do.

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