Diary of a Suburban Housewife
2010-04-21 04:27:01 (UTC)

My Crazy Online Affair # 4

In 2009, i met another man on the same social networking site
and this affair proved to be the most painful for me. So much
happened between us. Laughter, cybersex, learning, reading
together, sharing things about our kids. We really bonded when
it came to our kids because they share the same disability.

I kicked myself at times because here i go again! In yet
another online relationship. Didnt i learn from last ones?

To make a long story short he ended our relationship because
It was never going to work no matter how much we wanted it to.
He lived across the country and he works for a major company

A few months later i found out he is dating some woman and now
is engaged. That bothered me but i had to realistic. Now he
and i have a platonic Friendship and that just works better
for us both of us.