Diary of a Suburban Housewife
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2010-04-21 03:40:28 (UTC)

My Crazy Online Affair # 3

In 2008 I met another man on the same social networking site.
HE was also over 10 years older and he was married too but not
happily or so he said and he lived 3 states over. I wanted to
run away as fast as i could when he said he was married after
what happened a couple years back but for some reason i just
accepted it for what it is and tried not to get too caught up
with him but it was hard.

This affair was not like any of the others because it was an
affair of the mind and heart. We didnt even have cyber sex at
all, it never came up during all of the months we talked. We
talked and talked and it just wasnt about that for us.

He had children which he adores and i found that so appealing.
A man who loves his kids but the fact of the matter is he is a
DOG. He would cheat on his poor wife in a heartbeat with me or
anyone else for that matter. You know what they say, If they
cheat with you, they will cheat on you. i knew i needed to
just leave him alone for my sake and for the kids sake. I
didnt want to contribute to a downfall of family. SO i stopped
emailing him without even explanation. I decided to leave that
man alone for the sake of his kids. Best decision i ever

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