Diary of a Suburban Housewife
2010-04-21 03:11:19 (UTC)

My Crazy Online Affair # 2

In 2006 I met yet another man on a social networking site but
this one was abit different because he lived about 45 minutes
away so it was possible for me to see him even though i never
did. He was so nice and good looking too but he was also a
superfreak. He sent me explicit pictures of himself and he was
quite a bit older as well. Which i forgot to mention in my
last post. Both men were over 10 years older than i but it
never made a bit of difference.

Anyways...We had cyber sex as well. We even took it a step
further and exchanged cell numbers. He even called me at home.
To this day i dont know why i kept doing it. I told the you
internet is the devil lol! So this went on for months as well.

Then the shit hit the fan. Turns out he is married. I wont
lie I was pissed about that because he lied to me even though i
was somebody's wife as well. At least i had been honest. We
had a big fight and i told him i didnt want to talk to him
again. He was not happy about that and he apologized and told
me he wasnt happy with her. Which was utter bullshit because
she ended up pregnant not too long after that. So after that i
slowly untangled myself from him and ended it because it wasnt
going to work. I have never been a mistress before and i didnt
want to be either..

The crazy thing is...The affair ended but we have managed to
maintain a sort of platonic friendship. We still email back
and forth every now and then. I have to admit he was a decent
person and i guess part of me still wants him in my life.
Strange but true...