The Chronicles of Trouble
2010-04-21 01:51:55 (UTC)

Rest in Peace, Mikey. I love you.

I met Mikey about 9 years ago or so. He was my brother's
best friend and he quickly became a HUGE part of our
family. I got along with my brother's friends just fine,
but there was something special about Mikey. He was like a
brother to me. Not to mention that I had one of the hugest
crushes on him for a while. I did have a boyfriend at the
time, but it didn't stop me from flirting with him. But
don't get it twisted, this was all before he became like
Anyway, he did live with us for a minute back in like
2002 or something like that. We were all used to seeing
him every morning walk to the bathroom to brush his teeth
before breakfast. Good times. 4 years later though
(December 2006), while I was living with my best friend's
mom, my mom received a phone call from my brother stating
that Mikey had fallen into a coma. I broke down into tears
and drank myself silly that night. I didn't want to deal
with the reality of it. Mikey was a survivor though and
woke up not too shortly afterward.
The following month (January 2007), he begged both my mom
and I to move in with him at his parents house because not
only did he need the company, but he wanted us to take
care of him. We didn't want to impose seeing as neither of
us had met any of his family members at all. We gave in
though and moved into his family's home. I would lay in
bed with Mikey and watch movies until he finally fell
asleep and make sure that he was fine and didn't have a
fever. I would even check on him every other hour to see
if he was hungry or whatever. It was all fine at that
point in time.
One day, early afternoon (I believe in early March),
everyone in the house that moment felt a huge lump in our
stomachs. I told Mikey's mom I was going upstairs to check
on him but she told me he was napping so I walked back
down the stairs. Shortly after, his mom went upstairs to
get something. She decided to check on Mikey herself and
as soon as I heard her yell my mom's name and then mine, I
knew something was wrong with Mikey.I ran up the stairs
and into his room. He was slumped over on his left side
and he was blue. I remember smacking him twice yelling his
name for him to respond to no avail. We had his little
sister call for an ambulance. Needless to say, Mikey had
slipped into another coma. I stayed home to watch his
little sister until my brother came to pick me up so I
could bring food for his mom and ours.
As I was walking into Mikey's room in ICU, the doctor
pulled my brother to the side and told him that Mikey's
heart was giving up; his organs were slowly shutting down
and he was not going to make it through the night. As soon
as I heard the doctor say that my brother had to call
everyone Mikey knew to pay their respects, I brokedown. It
came from the pit of my stomach, crept up my asophagus and
out my eyes. My tears seemed as though to explode out of
me. I couldn't believe it. There was so much chaos going
on at that point in time. It seemed as though his entire
family showed up and friends. Once the halls and room
cleared, it was only my mom, his mom and myself there.
They were both asleep on a seat together as I stayed with
Mikey praying for him to be ok because if he wasn't going
to make it through the night, I wanted to be there by his
side as he passed away. Oh how I prayed until morning
came, Mikey was still alive. The doctor said even if he
woke up, he'd probably be damaged. But luckily, Mikey woke
up and was as strong as he was the day I met him. I never
wanted a prayer to be answered so badly and yet, it was. I
was so grateful to see Mikey alive and kicking. Even
though he was in excruciating pain, he was alive and I was
so happy. Happier than I had ever been at any given moment
Upon him making full progress, he was sent to a psych
ward to another hospital for evaluation. Doctors said he
was suicidal and such. But Mikey loved his life, we all
knew that. They released him to me and my mom about a week
later and as soon as he got home, he took a shower, ate a
little something, gathered some clothes and left with his
much older girlfriend. None of us liked her. We all said
she was a bad influence on him and would do anything for
him just so he would stay with her. But from what Mikey
told me, he loved her.. I saw him once again after that
when he came to get some more stuff. We were all very much
upset, but he was an adult.
Not too long after Mikey leaving, his mom went ape shit.
She was pretty much an alcoholic and since he was her
favorite child, she was devastated. It completely showed
one night when she decided to act a fool and get herself
arrested. But let me attempt to make this a shorter story:
She came back home in July and kicked me out. Pretty much
just miserable because I told the cops that was hitting
herself and wanted me to hit her and such to flip the
script but I wouldn't do it. So she pretty much hated me.
That is the same day my mom and I set out for Vegas.
Last time I spoke to Mikey, was in February of 2008. We
had a short conversation. He was just telling me how much
he missed and loved me. That was he getting his shit
together and whatnot. I was extremely happy to hear that
from his own mouth. And that was the end of that. The
entire time, I thought he was alive and well. Still with
that no-good girlfriend of his and whatnot. Until last
night, that is.

I got this weird feeling in my gut and decided to look
him up on myspace and facebook. He didn't come up at all
so I searched for his step-sister on myspace hoping she'd
have him on her list. Unfortunately her page is on
private, but her myspace name did read: RiP my brother and
best friend. My heart sank just a little bit. I began to
panic only a little bit after reading that so for 10
minutes, I searched for anything online that had his name
on it and then I found it: his obituary. I have never felt
my heart beat so hard and fast after reading that he had
passed away on March 22, 2010. I gathered some of my
composure and called my mom. I asked her if she knew he
was dead and she told me she did. So of course, I asked
her why she didn't tell me and she kept asking me who had
told her. I explained it all to her and she finally said
she didn't want to tell me because of my heart condition.
She admitted to wanting to tell me in person, that is why
she kept coming over to my apartment but couldn't bring
herself to it because she didn't want me getting sick.
Needless to say, what I found out is that he committed
suicide by shooting himself. I never saw this coming at
all. I just wish I could have been there for him. Mikey
loved his life, and had I known there was anything
troubling him, I would have been there for him in anyway
he needed me to be. I love that, kid. And now, I will
forever miss him.

Anyway, I haven't said anything to anyone but one of my
best friend's about it. I was going to send a message to
Mikey's step-sister, but refrained from doing so. She did
send me a message a few months back and it pisses me off
and hurts me that she couldn't even send me a message
telling me about Mikey's death. I just can't believe he's
gone. And I didn't even get the chance to kiss him