Diary of a Suburban Housewife
2010-04-21 00:08:23 (UTC)

My Crazy Online Affair #1

Well my first online affair started in the summer of 2005. I
was dealing with alot bullshit at the time and i couldnt
talk to my husband about it so i started chatting online. A
few weeks later i met a man who was single, so he said and
living overseas and we exchanged pictures and chatted
everyday for months.

I told him from the jump that im married but we really
liked each other alot and continued to talk to each other. I
know for a fact my husband was suspicious but he never
really questioned me.

So we chatted using mostly voice chat, but he never wanted
me to hear his voice because he was ashamed of his accent
but he always wanted to hear my voice. He told me my voice
was deep, sexy and husky like Toni Braxton. I thought his
voice was very distinguished and sexy like Pierce Brosnan.
He wasnt much to look at but he was nice person.

Most times we talked about normal stuff, the weather, food,
movies, music. We had so much in common. Then one day the
talk turned raunchy and we started engaging in cyber sex (i
know) I would wear my headset with a mic, heels and nothing
else. I didnt have a webcam but im sure if i did have one he
want to see me. So I would buzz myself with my vibrator and
talk dirty and sometimes i would even orgasm so he could
hear me. I would put on a great show, im telling you.

He loved every minute of it and so did I but one day
something changed. He expressed to me that he wanted a real
girl friend. Someone tangible, someone he can kiss and hold
and touch and make love to not just imagine. I dont know why
i felt sad, i knew damn well this couldnt go
on forever.

To make a long story short he started spending
less and less time online with me and then one day he told
me he went on a date and met a woman. My heart sank again. I
knew this was the end.

Well, Sure enough he disappeared and I never heard from him
again. Well after that, I fell into a deep depression and i
vowed to never have an online relationship again. We all
know that was a lie...