The Laughter Inside My Mind
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2010-04-20 23:30:11 (UTC)

Deaths knockin on doors again!!!

Just a short entry today because i'm both tired and lazy..
A dear friend just passed away
signs..NOTHING..she passed away in her sleep and her
children said she looked peaceful and had a smile on her least she didn't suffer...i often wonderful if this
is where some of my insomnia comes not from her
death, but the thought of my own..i always said i wanted to
go in my sleep so i wasn't aware of anything, but i often
force myself to stay awake because i feel that death is like
suffocation, i must be a weird one to feel that way, but i
can't help it..never know when we're going to's
kinda scary yet somewhat of a relief, i mean, i wouldn't
want to know when i was going to die because i'd be scared
shitless, but also the fear of not knowing scares me even
more, because one is going about their day, next second;
that's it!! hell i hate thinking this way, maybe i need some
new meds eh? who knows..ah well..welp this is it for
tonight, long day ahead of me tomorrow....Until next time!

Much Love,