Diary of a Suburban Housewife
2010-04-20 18:46:59 (UTC)

Where do i begin?

I decided to start writing because i feel like i have a
story to tell and someone will probably relate to me on some

So i will start off by saying that Ive been married for
years and i have a kid who is special needs. I live in the
suburbs in a small affluent town and I love it here.

After awhile things happened in my marriage that drove me
away emotionally, sexually,mentally etc. Since i didnt
really go out i started escaping online in social networking

4 online affairs later and i have to say what the fuck was i
thinking? I wish i had never had any online relationships
because everyone of those men took a piece of me when it
ended. I walked away from all 4 of those affairs broken,
lonely and disappointed yet im still online. The internet is
the Devil.

My last affair was a year ago. Will that be my last? Who
knows? Its not like i wake up in the morning and say let me
see who can i cyber fuck today LOL!but i dont have any plans
to have anymore affairs.

Im almost certain My hubsband knew about the first one but
turned his head. Other than those online affairs i have
never had a real affair. Too scared i guess. Too scared of
disease and falling in love. Too much of a risk to me yet,
people take the risk...