Diary of a Break Up
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2010-04-20 00:08:26 (UTC)

55 reasons

I love you.....
because you're sweet,
because you watch romantic movies and your eyes get watery
at the sad scenes,
because you sleep with your pants half way down,
because you bite your tongue when you get nervous and
squeeze me,
because you walk around naked doing things around the
because you're clean and organized,
because your eyes sparkle when you're truly happy,
because the sight of your smile automatically makes me
because the whole house smells like you and l love that
because you have the sweetest voice, because you sing with
passion, because you play the guitar and because we're
able to sing together,
because you're smart and ambitious, because you never give
up, because you're goal oriented and because you push me
to be a better person,
because I am better person when I'm with you,
because you love your family and mine,
because you help me make alfajores when I need you to,
because you help me with my cottage,
because when I told you my sister was having problems with
her pregnancy you cried,
because you have sat in my mom's kitchen helping her put
lasagnas together,
because when I had the accident you rushed to my side and
were truly worried you took care of me and put up with
many sleepless nights because of my complaining,
because you never disrespected me and because you never
yelled at me,
because you are a romantic at heart and because you love
candlelight dinners.
because I love dancing with you and always have fun with
because you were loyal and I never doubted you
because you came home every night
because you always tried to make me happy
because I know you never wanted to make me cry
because you changed my life and taught me what a
relationship should really be
because you like to cook
because you taught me to love cooking
because I enjoyed our nights together
because I loved working with you
because above all you were my friend
because I know it wasn't easy to live with me
because you were patient
because we do have allot of things in common
because I knew I loved you the moment I met you
because our first non-date was the most romantic one of my
because I never stopped thinking about you
because I know you're trying now in your own way
because I am the happiest when I'm with you
because you are everything to me and I'm nothing without

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