Jamie All Over
2010-04-19 23:56:08 (UTC)

her and him

april 19, 2010 {throughout the day}

relevance isn't relevant to you.

relevance wasn't relevant to you...until her.

your ignorance is annoying now.
well soon, your ignorance will disappear, did you know,
she's not ignorant{she's smart}, but not in school, but in
bed. (yes, these started out as shittyass lyrics)

she seems fake, but i don't know her, and i don't even feel
bad about coming up with a list of names for her.

she's ridiculous, you're ridiculous. you changed, what? for
her? for her friends? i liked the guy you used to be, even
if i barely knew you.

so if being relevant is relevant to you, does that mean that
i'm right? you basically ditched your best friend?
i shouldn’t even care, but people that change themselves
only so they can fit into a group or something, are stupid,
dumb, and low. i mean, think about it. i'm not saying i'm
over you but, you I’m mad at you. stupid, i know, but it’s
the only to explain how i feel.
so get yourself together. i don’t think you should be with
her. does she even like you? she doesn't seem your type. you
know, she's not a virgin. and i question if you even ever
kissed a girl. i like you. that's why i care.

oh today, your hair? really? i mean you were adorable
before. i hate that you're changing. and i hate even more
that i can't get you out of my mind.

so you, the him in this story, i hope you end up happy. if
it's with her then so it is.

let it be,