Whataya Want From Me?
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2010-04-19 20:50:50 (UTC)


Hey, been a while. =) Sorry...probably would have been a
good idea to write over the weekend. WAS. SO. FREAKING.

Dani went to New York on Thursday with the 'ShowStoppers'.
Whoop-de-freaking-doo. John went backpacking over the
weekend. Ron's phone was off. So guess who decided to
annoy me? Eithan. T-T Uncool. I don't think I hate his
guts anymore after our little 'coming together' so thats
gotta be a plus.

I was also moving over the weekend too, so that helped.
Summer. Won't. Leave. Me. Alone. Because. Of that. XX
She's going to be a death of me. Literraly. Kyrie and
Whatsherface and Lakira aren't taking it NEARLY that bad.
At all. It's just...SUMMER. She didn't even bother to talk
to me all weekend...which I think is a BIT too over the
top. But hey, that's just me.

We got a lot of stuff moved and IN this chaos I figured
out what the unknown red bumpy thing on my knuckle is. No,
not a worm. No, not an alien. It's a brown recluse spider
bite. O.O For anyone that DOESN'T know, just go look it
up. They can turn AWFUL. I'm a bit scared like something
like that is going to happen to me but I have antibiotics
and stuff, so I should be okay. Should. Got out off laX in
gym today thought 'cause of it...if I coulda' picked a
sport to get out of, that WOULDN'T have been it. ;_;
Anyway I'm going back to Dr Wilson today...cause it hasn't
really gotten any better. YAYY. Dr Wilson is AWESOME.

Anyway...that's pretty much it. =/ 39 days. Pray for me.