Sydney's Super Duper Life
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2010-04-18 16:41:20 (UTC)

My Bryce Bieber

April 18, 2010

Dear Diary,
There is this really (I mean really) cute
guy at my school named Bryce. He is sweet and did i
mention cutw. Im really lucky that I have a cabin that is
two cabins away from his. So I get to see him when ever i
am there. I think he really does like me. But the thing is
he is a 6'th grader and I am a 5'th grader. But still he
can still like me. Like once he were playing this game
called frezze tag during play practice. The thing is is
that you make a who, what, where, when, and a why and make
a little skit. The directoer will call frezze ans you
frezze in the passions your in. And he asked me to marry
me in it. I call him my Bryce Bieber because he i think is
a Justin Bieber wanna be. But i dont care cause im
obbeseds with J.B. so what ever. Gtg my dad is calling me.