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2010-04-18 02:01:37 (UTC)

Weekend At Grandma's April 17th, 2010

I have been at grandmas this weekend. Today we went to see
her bestfriend Gary he is very sick. We went up to the
home thing to see him because he is dying. Its very sad.
And it was hard for me to see my grandma cry, because I've
never really seen her cry. She wasnt going to go see him
until the morning. I told her lets go tonight and shes
like no, we will go tommorrow. So I called my mom and told
my mom the news and she told me to tell grandma that she
needed to go up there because if he dies tonight that she
will feel bad for not going to see him. I agreed. So I
told my grandma what my mom said and grandmas like
allllrrriigghhhtt. Well go. So we got ready. Then we went
up there and she seen him. But he will probablly only make
it until midnight or so. Then the gate will open and he
will be with god. He was the greatest friend for my
grandma and he will be waiting at the gates for my

- Breanna Evans