poker journey
2010-04-17 10:20:43 (UTC)

what is an 'AIM IN LIFE' ??

APRIL 18, 2010

everybody defines 'AIM IN LIFE' as something very
serious,very prestigious.Well, I cannot say that its wrong.
But the difference is from what perspective people observe
things.For me 'AIM IN LIFE' is something that i can enjoy for
the rest of my life.I started studying ARCHITECTURE with the
dream of becoming a world revolutionary architect.But my
dreams shattered when I faced reality.I started living an
aimless life afterwards.Then I came in touch of poker and my
life changed within a blink of eyes.i fell in love with the
thrill,intelligence and psychological aspects that are hidden
in poker.And the sweetest part of poker is money.I started
playing poker madly.every action has its opposite
this case the reaction was i dropped from BRAC university.I
get admitted in Asia Pacific university and i missed another my father came to know about this and he
restricted poker for me.

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