Aviryn Winchester

2010-04-17 02:06:23 (UTC)

changed my mind...kinda...

Okay, after being inspired by some of the writers on here, I decided that I would make this a diary.kind of. It'll be a half diary half storybook kay? So lemme get you up to date, or at least give you all the information you need to keep up with me. Name is Aviryn, Aim: conversejunkii, hit meh up anytime you don't see my status sayin bout to hit the snooze button. That means im sleepin.Or you cud follow me on twitter @petiteLanglais....... sigh there's so much to say...my birthday is coming up and I have to say that even though im finally turning those two digits, im not really that hype about it..im getting off track. Lets see, I said my name, my birthday...oh im kind of random, and my nickname is either rynryn, Kanako-chan, mellow and laughboxx.im a pretty cheerful person. Im kind of slow, but then again, who isn't these days?? Im horrible @ bein a nerd, even though I get really good grades.im not sure how I do it. My heros role models are Mikan from Gakuen Alice(yesh, I know she's not real, but she's such an inspiration:D) and Dexter (the murderer from HBO yah knoww, Micheal C.Hall)..yawn im tired and sick:( so ill fini filling you in tomorrow:]