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robert downy

.Robert Downey Jr.
Actor Robert Downey Jr. was born on April 4, 1965, in New
York City to underground filmmaker Robert Downey and Elsie
Ford. Downey Jr. first acted at the age of five as a puppy
in his father's film Pound and would go on to act in five
of his father's features. He attended Santa Monica High
School, but never graduated. Before he was a member of the
Saturday Night live cast for the 1985-1986 season, Robert
Downey Jr. worked as a waiter in New York City and claims
to have once served peppermint tea to Sting. His early
film work also included a role in 1972's Greaser's Palace.
Downey rose to prominence in such 1980s films as Weird
Science, Back to School, and Less Than Zero. It was on the
set of his 1982 film Firstborn that he met Sarah Jessica
Parker with whom he has a long-term relationship. Robert
Downey Jr.'s breakthrough performance was his Oscar-
nominated turn as Charles Chaplin in Sir Richard
Attenborough's 1992 film Chaplin. His acting work has
included an Emmy-nominated and Golden Globe-winning guest-
starring role on Fox's Ally McBeal and the films Wonder
Boys, Bowfinger, and U.S. Marshalls.
Robert Downey Jr.'s career as an actor is well-documented,
as are his run-ins with the legal authorities and the
judicial system. What is not well-known by those not among
his die-hard fans, is that he has significant musical
talent. Robert Downey Jr. has performed a large number of
songs in his films, including "Star-Spangled Banner" from
the Heart and Souls soundtrack, "You Don't Know Me" from
Two Girls and a Guy, "Carla" from Friends and Lovers, "I'm
Just a Lonely Boy" and "Blues Suede Shoes" from The Pick-
up Artist, and "The Perfect Tree" from Mr. Willowby's
Christmas Tree. His musical performances on Ally McBeal
are among his best known: Bob Seger's "Chances Are" with
Vonda Shepard, "White Christmas" with Calista Flockhart,
and "Sherry Darling." Robert Downey Jr. has also written
some original songs, including "Too Much Sun" from the
film of the same name and "Snake" from Two Girls and a
Guy. His first properly released musical material, aside
from film and TV soundtracks, was a 1993 EP of "Smile"
from the Chaplin soundtrack. The song "Smile" is an
original composition by the legendary early filmmaker with
lyrics written by John Turner and Geoffrey
Parsons. "Smile" had previously been a hit for Nat King
Cole and can be found on Capitol's Nat King Cole
retrospective box set. Robert Downey Jr.'s version is more
of a reinterpretation than was Cole's, with more of a
modern ambient, techno sound to it. A Very Ally Christmas
includes his versions of "The River" and "White
Christmas." Ally McBeal: For Once in My Life features
Robert Downey Jr. on its cover and "Chances Are," a
surprising cover of Downey's own "Snakes," and a fun duet
of "Every Breath You Take" with former restaurant customer
Sting (which appeared in an episode of the show). Downey
Jr. performed with Sting at a benefit in Los Angeles
shortly before his legal troubles. His work has shown more
potential than accomplishment, in part because it has not
received his full attention. This, however, may change as
the actor released his full-length debut album The
Futurist on Arista in 2004. ~ JT Griffith, All Music Guide