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2010-04-17 01:37:20 (UTC)

robert downy jr history my idol

Robert John Downey, Jr. (born April 4, 1965) is an
American actor, film producer, and musician. Downey made
his screen debut at the age of five when he appeared in
one of his father's films, and has worked consistently in
film and television ever since. During the 1980s, he had
roles in a series of coming of age films associated with
the Brat Pack. Less Than Zero (1987) is particularly
notable, not only because it was the first time Downey's
acting would be acknowledged by critics, but also because
the role pushed Downey's already existing drug habit one
step further. After Zero, Downey started landing roles in
bigger films such as Air America (1990) and Soapdish
(1991). These higher-profile roles eventually led to his
being cast as Charlie Chaplin in the 1992 film Chaplin,
for which he earned an Academy Award nomination for Best

Between 1996 and 2001, Downey was frequently arrested on
drug-related charges and went through several drug
treatment programs, but had difficulty staying sober.
After being released from the California Substance Abuse
Treatment Facility and State Prison in 2000, Downey joined
the cast of the hit television series Ally McBeal, playing
the new love interest of Calista Flockhart's title
character. His performance was praised and he was
nominated for an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Supporting
Actor in a Comedy Series category and won a Golden Globe
for Best Supporting Actor in a mini-series or TV Film, but
his character was written out when Downey was fired after
two drug arrests in late 2000 and early 2001. After one
last stay in a court-ordered drug treatment program,
Downey finally achieved lasting sobriety and his career
began to take off again. He appeared in semi-independent
films such as The Singing Detective (2003), Kiss Kiss Bang
Bang (2005), and A Scanner Darkly (2006). He also had
supporting roles in the mainstream films Gothika (2003)
and Zodiac (2007). In 2004, Downey released his debut
studio album The Futurist.

In 2007, Downey was cast as the title character in the
comic book adaptation Iron Man which premiered in the
spring of 2008, making almost $100 million in the United
States and Canada during its opening weekend. In addition
to receiving commercial success, Downey's performance in
the film received rave reviews. His other 2008 films
include Charlie Bartlett and the Ben Stiller-directed
Tropic Thunder, in which he portrayed an Australian method
actor overly engrossed in his role as an African-American
soldier. He received his second Oscar nomination for said
film, in the category of Best Supporting Actor, which he
lost to Heath Ledger. Next he played the titular lead
character in Guy Ritchie's adaptation of Sherlock Holmes,
released Christmas 2009, for which Downey won a Golden
Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion
Picture - Musical or Comedy for his portrayal of the
famous detective.[1] He will also be returning to the role
of Iron Man in the 2010 sequel, Iron Man 2.