Mary Jane

The Yelllow Submarine
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2010-04-16 18:55:02 (UTC)

What doesn't bend breaks

Buildings and Bridges are made to bend in the wind to
withstand the world thats what it takes, all that steel
and stone, is no match for the air my friend, what doesn't
bend breaks, what doesn't bend breaks

We are made to bleed and scab and heal and bleed again,
and turn every scar into a joke, we are made to fight, and
fuck and talk and fight again, and sit around and laugh
until we choke

I don't know who you were expecting, probably some bitch
who does not budge, with eyes the size of snow, I may get
pissed off sometimes, but you seem like the type to hold a
grudge, and end the end I just let go

Sorry this song has been in my head all day, for anyone
reading this, yes, I do like some femminst inspired music,
from time to time, loved it when I was younger, a little
mellower now.

Lily, I def don't mind the feedback, it helps:)I need to
figure out a better way to respond. Just haven't figured
it out. In fact I got some other feedback that made me
feel like, we are defenitly not alone.

This is going to sound bad, and come off, and possibly
even piss some people off, but its my diary so fuck it.

My mom is miserable in her marriage, (not to my father)
and you know I don't want to be her.

Anyways here goes. What is the point in marriage. I mean
really its for men, women don't get that much from it. I
work, I go to school fulltime, and I still baby my
husband, (not so much latley, since he has been treating
me like shit) I do everything for him, make his
appointments, check to make sure that he is doing what he
needs to do, help him in everyway, and push push push for
him to make something of himself.( I know if I didn't he
wouldn't, and I hate that, that is part of the problem, do
something for yourself!!) I keep track of all the bills,
balance all the accounts, credit cards, and whatever.
Everything is in my name, and yes I am a little bit of a
control freak, but he has admitted if I didn't do it, we
wouldn't have power, water, good credit I do a
majority of the housework, and what does he do? Expect me
to put out like a porn star, when there is no romance, or
even thanks for anything. I mean fuck, he does not even
have a job, I know he wants one, and it was not his fault
that he got laid off, the company closed! But do you think
he is making an effort to find work, do side work, or go
back to school to get a different job. Hell NO!!! I apply
for jobs for him, I made his resume, I try to find side
work for him, I mean damn.
Sorry the whole point was, yeah marriage is awesome for
the man, they have it made. Marriage was started because
women needed men, we could not financially support
ourselves and we needed them for that, and maybe
protection, and we did all the housework, took care of
them and children,(and they needed that) because what else
was there to do, women didn't have jobs really or need an
education to support the family. Now we are supposed to be
everything, and the requirments for them have not changed.
So yeah if I was a man, marriage would sound pretty damn
good to me too.
But for now, I can support myself, I am happy being by
myself(sometimes) and damn it sure is a lot less work to
not be married!!!!!
Ok way too much, just freaking out.

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