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2010-04-16 08:01:54 (UTC)

Hypocrite STBX

Funny how I get accused of fooling around when she is the
one that has been doing it. I'm guessing people judge other
people's character by thinking what they themselves would do.

Well, I have a bit more morals than that and this is coming
from a man! I thought we were suppose to be pigs? Anyway,
STBX accused me of going out on weekends when I say I'm
working. I told her it didn't really matter does it?
However, to clarify the truth, I made a copy of my overtime
check. Gave it to her and low and behold, the hrs I put in
for overtime made her eat cake. I showed her the extra bills
that I face and told her that is why I'm trying to put in as
much OT as possible. I indicated to her that if she wants to
help pay some of my bills, I would be ok with that.

Her answer? Nothing. She just had to stand there with egg on
her face. She realized she was wrong. She saw the bills I
had. Yet, no apologies about her accusations. She is staying
in the home till it goes back to the bank and makes zero
payments on anything.

All her income is kept for herself. I offer to gladly show
her my expenses since I have nothing to hide. She doesn't
show me her check, where she spends her money and she no way
lets me see her cell phone.

Regarding her phone, I'm no village idiot. I'm pretty sure
she keeps in contact with her ex boyfriend of current
boyfriend. Not sure what to really cal him but he is a home

I actually had some discussions with him. He was such a man.
Told me that I wasn't good enough for my current wife. I
told him
that wife is not locked up and she can leave with you
anytime she wanted.

I could see that he was showing me things just to hurt me. I
played it cool. He showed me 84 text or email replies from
her. All I said was "So?". "If she wanted you then why is
she sleeping in my bed at night?". I just wanted to get a
rise out of him.

I also told him that if I was such a bad guy, them how come
he is going after a married woman with kids? I told him that
I have never gone after a married woman. When I was single,
if I saw a woman that interested me I would check to see if
she had a ring on and if so, I wouldn't even start a
conversation. I would not even lock eyes. I realize the hurt
and confusion that the kids will feel if she had kids . It
would be hard enough to date a single parent, I will not go
out and destroy a family just to satisfy my needs.

I told him if I'm so bad, then how come he went after a
married woman? His reply? "I uh well, I dunno, it just
happened." I expected as much from a MF like him. I told him
that he was just selfish and was looking only to satisfy his
emotions. He couldn't care less about the kids and STBX's
feelings. He just wanted her and that was the only thing he
wanted to satisfy.

Well, I guess he will be getting his wish shortly. I know
STBX will not share the kids out of spite once the dust has

I know that I will be ok financially once the blood suckers
are gone. Oh yeah, the blood suckers are my STBX's two other
older kids from previous marriage. One is a 23 yr old man
and the other a 19 yr old woman. They live with us.

The 23 yr old boy said he is in-between apts and wanted to
stay for a few weeks. Well, that was over two damn months
ago. Doesn't pay for anything. He even asked me if we are
out of disposable forks. I answered maybe I am, but did bring
any home to start with?

The other 19 yr old just graduated from High school I think.
She was doing home schooling from a secondary High school
where the rejects are sent. She flunked the 5th grade.

She is another winner. She stays up late and don't wake up
till 11ish. She has a room downstairs and her boyfriend
comes over 3-4 nights a week. Faaaabulous. She doesn't clean
anything in the kitchen. She doesn't clean her bathroom and
lets the garbage pile up so high, no wonder she gets sick
all the time.

She tells us that she will be moving out with her boyfriend
soon. Can't be soon enough for me. She is in for a treat
when she discovers that the magical unending supply of soap,
toilet paper, trash bags, self loading and self cleaning
dishwasher, free tv and cable in her room, bottomless trash
bin (that I empty), magically filling fridge, free cable,
free electricity, free water, free gas, self cleaning floors
will not be made available at her new apt.

Can't get rid of them really. I know they will not want to
leave a good thing. So there is actually one good thing
about foreclosing, the rats will have to go somewhere else
to live once we are out.