My thoughts about life
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2010-04-16 04:21:51 (UTC)

A fact of life

Life, it’s hard to cope sometimes. It’s like all this does
not made for you..life can be bitter.life can be sweet..It’s
funny how things in the external can affects you so
much..but the truth is you don’t have to rely the things
outside wholely..because you are the one that can do things
for you..you can choose to be happy or to be sad..to be
angry, to be hurt, to be positive or to be grumpy..you can
CHOOSE..but as human, everything thing in the external makes
you think personally. .you think all is related to you.you
are striving to get accepted to the society, to the majority
group of your surrounding..you have to follow the pace of
others..in order to survive without trouble..i just cant
understand..why?why should we rely on the confirmation of
others..It is like a relief when people accept and give good
impression on you..you might not know..when you have been
rejected by others, commonly ideas..or they take you
easily..you begin to feel that you are not important..or not
as good as you think you are..i hate..hate, that comes when
you cannot do anything to back yourself and make them listen
to you.But actually it does not matter what others think of
you..it matters what do you think about yourself

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