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2010-04-16 00:57:50 (UTC)

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Why must life be so confusing? I mean erally, like a guy,
he llikes your friend. give up on him, pretty much
go "screw the whole relationship thing in HS, it's not
worth it." Start talking to original guy's best friend,
become really good friends. try really hard not to fall,
but you do anyway.Be ecstatic when he asks you to be his
girlfriend, over the course of two months have dreams
about original guy. think maybe the only reason you "fell"
for your now BF, is to get closer to original guy. and
over the entire time, become reeally good friends w/OG,
and now you know that no matter what you do, whether you
break up with your now BF, and tell OG, OR you just stay
with BF and continue to deny your feelings for OG SOMEONE
is going to be in pain either you, or BF and all your
friends who wanted you guys to get together in the 1st
place, cuz you're soooooo perfect for eachother.

I'm starting to hate my Goddamned life.