Experienced Life
2010-04-15 16:41:57 (UTC)

Double Whammy . Massive depression.

Well, I got back from court yesterday. Divorce is not final
yet. We have some paperwork to complete because a child is
involved. So even though STBX and I agree to everything and
indicated to the court that we do not need any help from the
court, they still want to stick their face into it. Sigh.....

Also, just got back from the Post Office to pick up my
certified mail that I missed a couple of days ago.
It's a notice of default for my home. I guess I should
clarify that by saying it's BofA's home. I believe this is
the 2nd to the last step before I have to leave the house. I
think the next step is a notice of trustee sale in three months.

This is not the brightest moment of my life. I was on top of
the world at one point. House, wife, kids, great job.... I
had a fico score of 815. Banks use to say I was "walking on
water!". Now it's dropped 200 point down to 600 or so.

Now I face bankruptcy, wife commiting adultery, our two kids
are from another man, foreclosure and a 15% cut in pay due
to this economy.

I'm afraid of what this will do to me on the inside. I do
not want to become a bitter hateful person. I know and
realize that this is partially the fault of one person doing
this to me(I don't mind taking 1/2 the blame) and that I
can't judge every woman that I meet this way.

I'm so depressed right now. I'm trying so hard to say that
it will get better and that I'm paving the way to a better
path in life emotionally and financially.

I know I can do it. I don't have a choice but to keep trying.

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