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2010-04-15 06:16:56 (UTC)

[T h a d d e u s.**]

well okayy iDont qo widd Kurt any more as yhu kan see. lma0 budd dat really hurted mehh. iQuote:
"i dont likk yhu as much as i did before we went tewqether because somebody told mehh yhu didnt likk mehh so i stopped likkinqq yhu"

tell mehh dat bulll shidd dont sound stoopidd budd truthfully i think he scared of Brandon.. budd dee biqq question is - wat dahh freak is Brandon qone dew tew mehh or hymm. rite anyway so nahh im talkinqq tew Thaddeus kcrzii ass.. bakk nn dem dolton bear daysz wen dis qurl named Chasity likked hymm i tried tew hook dem up.. aftahh ahh while i really couldnt stand hymm at all. he was juss dis irritainqq boy who fukked up mahh relationship widd ben which wasnt qoinqq any where anyway... budd then at ahh party.. i was really feelinqq hymm ndd i couldnt stop ihdd. so i qave hymm mahh numbahh ndd told hymm how i felt .. Benjamin heard somethinqq totally different and we broke up.
so ummm about Thaddeus.. he is funny ; stronqq ; lovinqq ; qoofy ; kcrzii ; tall ; smart ; comfortable tew talk tew ; ndd so much more. ihddsz also thinqsz i dont likk . likk he is ahh hard ass MOE , he is not patient , he say stoopid shit , he alwaysz busy... lolss budd hey we kan work dat out rite... dese feelinqqsz i felt fahh Brandon rr bakk widd ahh new face ndd ahh new attitude ; siqnsz* idk wat tew dew. im so confused. i juss dont wannahh qet hurt aqain ; i ben hurt tew many tymesz. feelinqq stoopid ndd dumb. uqahhh i should of juss man idkk.!
budd dee only thinqq holdinqq mehh bakk from qoinqq tew see hymm is SEX ndd i think datsz all he wantsz... wtf.? is up fahhreal i said i wood nevahh qo throuqh dese feelinqqsz aqain.... budd seriously idkk. dese rr dee timesz where i smoke ndd qet hiqh. hell naw finnahh qo qet sum kush. tew finqahhsz ndd im out dis bitch loves yahh talk tew yahh tewmahh. i hope.!