Experienced Life
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2010-04-14 08:24:00 (UTC)

Today is my D day

Going to court today. Had to find a way to stay calm and
relaxed. I'm not a "yoga" type of person so I had to figure
out another way to mellow out.

I went to you tube and played some soft rock from the 70s
and 80s. Man, either I'm old or they sure don't make songs
like they used to. Singers used to be able to really express
their feelings with a song. Nowadays, there are lots of
props, CGI, and fancy gadgets to sing their song.

I listened to artists like Dan Folgerberg, Bread, Little
River Band, Rod Stewart, Styx, Carpenters, James Taylor,
Bangles(just a song or two from this group), etc. They have
some Ballads that you can really reflect on and literally
take you back to another time and place where mortgage,
bankruptcy, foreclosure, taxes, Divorce, were all just
words and didn't apply to you at the time.

If you are reading this and you are young, enjoy your time
and try not to stress out about school, new love, new job,
etc. Try not to party too much and wake up hungover wasting
your life away.

These are moments in your life right now that you will one
day reflect on. Capture the moment because when you are
older, you will reminisce about your youth. Try to fill it
with as many great moments that you can.

Well, it's back to my yoga... I mean you tube. My appt isn't
for another 4 hrs and I took a day off of work to collect my