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2010-04-13 15:14:24 (UTC)


dear hopeless
i wish last night did not happen bc am not sure what
happen N usually i drink N its ok but i told many peeps nooo
vodka bc i know its not what i can handle is that wrong i
drink beer thats all i can do but am not sure about last
night N y others use u N make u do something u hate are they
really friends for that i dnt know i just wish it was diff
like last night never happen y did i walked all the way out
there N then get use ugh i wish i was smart enough i wish i
was a better looking chick who f knows but i hate myself i
hate who i am i hate everything about me.
i just know something went wrong bc my friend block me
from his number i c my place mess up i took food out guess i
was going to cook brkfast N i did change the sheets sooo i
feel sick bc i think i f up big X N one is telling me y oh
the other thing is i know i mess up bc yes am going to say
it i wet myself N i never ever do that since i was like 7
sooo ugh i feel like letting go w mylife plus i told my best
friend N also known as my crush my heart broken man about it
sooo now i got that problem tooo now he probly hate me think
i f w some ass H ugh but i had to talk to sum 1 he is my
everything i still love the f out of him but i think he stop
caring N stop having feelings w me ugh
sooo am lost n confuse n hate for whatever i did i cant f do
vodka y cant u respect that.
i wish i was diff i wish i was mad cute n very pretty n w
e else n can handle hard drinks but thing is i can do mix
drinks certain kind sooo no clue
w e
ending here for now ill tell u more if i can find some 1 who
can tell me i soooo hope sooon

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