Mary Jane

The Yelllow Submarine
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2010-04-13 14:08:09 (UTC)

Another day in paradise

Another day that started as a fight, my eyes weren't even
open before my husband was talking shit to me about not
having sex with him, this after he went to bed pouting,
wanting nothing to do with me, since I won't put out. I am
so sick of this. When, when can I get my own apartment? I
mean its going to suck, but the sooner that I can start
healing from this toxic relationship, the better right? It
wasn't always so toxic, but ever since we got married he
acts like he owns me or something. I need to get a lock
for the spare room door, I think I am at least going to
start sleeping in there. So sick of this....

Thanks so much for the positive feedback, I will respond
soon, atomic-lily, your words made me feel not so alone.

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