teanage gypsy
2010-04-12 23:58:54 (UTC)

my boring day. kinda of exciting.

Hey, this day was not really good day. my hubby got a
ticket over something stupid.

Not much to say right now. My little girl woke up crying.
She's fine now since i gave her a bottle, though... She's
getting kinda heavy. She's weighs 18 lbs already. She's
getting big too.

I can't beleave she wears 12 months clothes. She's fixing
to be 6 months old. She might tall. but i don't know. See,
i'm short. She might be like her daddy. Well, she's been
trying to crawl. It's so cute too.
I talk later. Keep reading my online journal for more
days in a life on the way. I'll be here just getting

PS. Please comment if you feel anything like this.