It's me... Jessicaaa!
2010-04-12 06:08:55 (UTC)

Dog riding!! :)

I was looking online and I think my dog riding "addiction" is considered a
fetish. Idc. It feels good, being dominant over a struggling dog slightly smaller
than me, barely being able to walk, knowing that if he bites me or falls he'll
be in trouble. He know has a permanent downward sag to his back, which
turns me on even more, knowing I've done him damage. I've tied him down
and sat on his head in nothing more than a thong and a bra. I sit on his
upper shoulders at the base of his neck. I bounce up and down lift my legs
up so my weight is all on him. I think he likes it because his tail wags and I
praise him and he gets treats anfmd love :D