Whataya Want From Me?
2010-04-12 00:55:32 (UTC)


Haha, tomorrow. SADNESS. Probably gonna
start HSA training in Algebra...I hate math. Lol. =) Why
we have to take a High School test in Middle School
completely evades me...

I did the math today... (OMG, math outside of school XP)
and I have 61 Days to complete Inhuman. (Mah novel.)
SCAREDNESS. I am FREAKED. And to top it all off, John
might come over next Sunday...making me even more FREAKED.
I'm just gonna have a freaking heart attack...

And in...technically 4 days, Dani leaves for NY. MORE
SADNESS. I'm just gonna be a pathetic blob...she leaves
Thursday morning and comes back Saturday night I
think...EPIC SADNESS. I'mma miss her...but she'll probably
be over Tuesday and Wednesday for Idol...which is cool =)
I wish I wasn't so damn clingy...any advice for getting
over that?

I watched Victorious earlier wasn't as good as
the first one, but it was still pretty good. =) They just
HAD to teach a lesson in this one...a blaringly open
lesson at that. =/ So yeah...I'm like hooked on the song.
XD lol.

Speaking of songs, I found the song 'Remember the Name' by
Fort Minor, which, may I tell you, is AMAZING. That is one
of the BEST songs EVER. Just don't listen to it fifty
times in an hour...that'll just SO screw with your head.

Well, I guess that's it. 3 See ya' peoples.

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