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2010-04-11 09:04:15 (UTC)

9th april

hmm... 2009 was pathetic... n was hoping 2010 will be
better.. it started off very well.. but 9th april was just
not my day.. thr was robbery at our place again.. thankfully
v dint had much things at home after 2006 robbery.. dat was

on 9th april i had the first class for friday club... and it
sucks.. i got book-worm club.. all my friends had got
pottery,.. i've also opted for that but my luck :(
i wish i could change
i went to the incharge , sunita choudhary, i spoke to her so
politely and all she said was m getting on her nerves that
too on such high volume... i seriously wanted to scream at
her.. but cundt after ol shes a tecaher... then i went to the
co-odintr but she gave me a lecture and said nothing can be
done.. !!

in short this isnt a gr8 year..
ystrdy had a fight with dad.. a bad one... til now we arnt

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