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2010-04-11 08:02:21 (UTC)


Every night something happens to me
May b someone wants to speak to me.
I don’t know what happens… I don’t know what that means..
The thing I know is not very clear to me.
My dreams are going wild and crazy,
As I don’t know what to do and where.
It seems to be a nightmare.
This is not supposed to happen, nor this is going all right,
Whatever is happening with me is going beyond my mind.
I wish everything go perfect, without any flaw,
I want to live my life without any law.
My wings are fluttering; they want to fly
Until and unless I open my wings they’ll die.
My wings are my thoughts, my thoughts that are hidden.
They are not bad, they are just forgotten..!!

Nobody was there,
When I needed someone.
Nobody was there
When I pleaded someone.
Nobody was there
When I was all alone.
Nobody was there
When I had nothing of my own.
Nobody was there
To help me out.
Nobody was there
To scream and shout.
Nobody was there
To support me.
Nobody was there
To make my face full of glee.
Nobody was there
When I was in pain.
Nobody was there
When I was out of my brain.
Nobody was there
To help me through.
Unless and until
I found you..!!!

Teenage is the stage, which everyone loves to face,
It's neither a challenge nor even a race,
Yet everyone wants to have a taste,
And don't want this phase to get waste.
It's awaited by many and remembered by all
It's the best phase of life one can ever call.
Friends cheat yet they console,
But they are the ones to play the main role.
Family seems irritating and a bore,
But they will always be the one to show us life's core.
School, the main part to play,
As exams and all the problems they only lay.
Love, crushes and relations are all a part of teens,
To experience which we were always very keen.
Now when I'm experiencing it, I never want to grow up
And leave the perfect life that is totally a thumbs up.

Oh! I still remember those days
When I turn back the pages of my memory album
That sweetness! Oh! That essence
Make me remember my days full of innocence.

That guy pulling my plaited hair
And teacher looking at my watery eyes
Whenever I imagine those days
It makes me remember of my eyes full of innocence.

Mother slapping me tight on my cheeks
When I did something wrong
Then hugging me with warm arms
So that I get back my sense
Makes me remember of my face full of innocence.

Playing wild games with my friends
Then fights over little things
I go grumpy, then they making me realize of my presence
Make me remember my thoughts full of innocence.

Waiting for the prince on white horse
Kneeling down to propose
And riding on clouds with every city’s glance
Makes me remember of my dreams full of innocence.

No matter what the situation is
No matter how we tackle
Our thoughts will always get more and more dense
But one thing that should never be lost is INNOCENCE.

This ought to be my tears
For the one supposed to be my dear
Who was like my teddy bear
With whom I could share.

He left me without any care
I called him but there was nothing I could hear
It is like a dreadful nightmare
Wished there was someone with whom I could share.

This is not just rain
It shows my pain
I had lost everything and nothing to gain
It’s the raindrop of my love that was vain.

I standed there still
Hoping my arms would be fill
With his,
And he’ll heal
But for him it wasn’t a big deal.

I needed someone to help me out
I didn’t know what to do so I shout
If he ever had any doubt
I’d have told what’s it all about.

May be he wasn’t the guy for me
But who’ll make me smile like did he
Nobody’s there to make my face full of glee
Oh! There’s one person whom I want to see.

He can never put me down
He always supported me whenever I’m frown
It doesn’t matter to him whether I wear tees or halter gown
He loves me the way I am-simple and down.

When I ran up to his house, I knocked the door
He opened it slowly all I could see was the messed floor
I just told him everything encore
And I think he wasn’t getting bore.

He smiled and welcomed me to his arms
Which always protected me from any harm
We talked till the morning alarm
And I was feeling relieved on his arms.

He is not the guy for whom girls go crazy
His smile is one of those hazy
But we are together from the days of uno and housie
I love his nature- careless and lousy.

As the sun raised we both went to the lawn
Had a cup of tea with some boiled corn
I didn’t feel that someone from my life has gone
But my true love is just born.