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2010-04-11 07:50:37 (UTC)

everyday story

As the clock strikes seven
Starts the great irritating noise
That wakes me up from heaven
And remind me to go to school with other girls and boys

Teeth are somehow brushed
And uniform worn
In such a heavy rush
I wonder why was I born

Scorching sun
Oh so pathetic
Can’t have any fun
Makes life so hectic

Reaching the school
Thinking of all the boring classes
Teachers- so not cool!
Tortures the entire masses

One step into the class
Everyone waving and greeting
Some good thing at last
Gossiping in the friends’ meeting

Having both emotions
Good and bad
This six hours continuous motion
Isn’t making me so mad

Study study study
Some digested some not
Thanks to all my buddy
Who gave me company when I was caught

This is my everyday story
I feel it’s still the best
In spite of so many things boring
School life is best among the rest

Life isn’t so bad
If we know how to make it happening
Ofcorse there are times that makes one sad
But remember every cloud has a silver lining