The Diary
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2010-04-11 01:28:16 (UTC)


what i used to be: liar, druggie, stupid, immature,
coniving, fat, more socially retarded than i am now,
insecure, mostly a liar.

What i am: honest, at least to A. im in love with A. im
still insecure. im weird. my thoughts dont flow together
like a true writers. Im generally down, negative,
depressed. Im not satisfied with my life. I want to be out
in the world! Im socially retarded. I blush a lot. Im a
senior in High School. Its one of those high schools where
everyone knows your business, and the only thought
provoking thing to talk about is that business. i've
already talked about eveything there is to talk about with
A. I rushed into that relationship. im very emotional.

I just got that feeling where time is slow and fast at the
same time. i got that a lot when i was a kid.