Experienced Life
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2010-04-09 20:38:54 (UTC)

Finally got some

Finally got my hard pal to get sucked on. I held out as long
as I could until my wife started getting upset that I was
taking too long to cum. Well, that's when I let my load go.
I don't know how all that cum can come out of one person but
deprived long enough I guess it starts going up to your ears
in man juice.
Less than 24hrs later, I'm horny again. I sure do love sex.

Today I had a note on the front door about a package for me
that needed to be signed. I think it will be the bank
telling my that a trustee sale is around the corner. What
can I do? Worrying doesn't help so I figure it will be
better once I don't with my bankruptsy.

I've had better years.