The Chronicles of Trouble
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2010-04-10 02:35:42 (UTC)


Beauty Rush by Victoria's Secret smells so delicious. My
husband got me the shampoo and conditioner last night
because we both love the scent of it. I was kind of weary
about it because my hair needs extra conditioning every
night, but I took my chances earlier. I have to say that
the shampoo is kind of harsh but the conditioner does it
justice because it does exactly what it says on the back:
double dose of conditioners. I was so surprised about it
and I'm totally happy with it. Of course, I won't use it
all the time but hey, definitely something I will continue
to purchase. He also got me two new scents, a body butter
and a hair and body shimmer spray; not to mention two
books. He spoils me. :-)

Today was kind of nice because I actually enjoyed the day
with my husband. We have only had a day off together so we
definitely take advantage of it. I mean, we're always
working and whatnot so as soon as we get out of work, we
come straight home to relax. We went shopping today and
brought some well needed stuff home. We also stopped by
the liquor store to search for a delicious Irish whiskey
we had at a party a couple weeks ago and yay, we found it.
It's called Feckin Irish Whiskey. It has such a smooth
taste. I am not one to chase my shots, so I don't know how
anyone else would react to it. But I thought it was
absolutely tasty.
Anyway, I am watching the Red Sox right now and we're
leading 3-2 in the bottom of the 8th. We need to make this
win because I mean, I said so. LOL But nah, seriously, I
was hoping not to get my period at all and to finally be
pregnant, but nope. I am in the process of getting it by
tomorrow because when I came home today and used the
restroom, there was already a hint of blood there. Not too
upset anymore, just becoming very frustrated and
disappointed. We've been trying for months to get pregnant
and it's not working at all. And I am so scared of going
to the doctor because I don't want to hear any bad news at
all. I was already told twice that I am probably not able
to have any children at all and the second time, I cried
for hours. I didn't want any kids when I was in my teens
but I wasn't thinking straight then either. As I became an
adult and saw how beautiful life is and how bright a child
makes it made me want one. I'll just keep my fingers
crossed. If nothing soon, then hopefully before I am 30.
The clock is ticking..