My Diary (what else to name it??)
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2010-04-08 23:13:47 (UTC)

Ugh school tomorrow

Isn't it bad enough that I had to go to school TODAY? I
have to go TOMORROW too?! Just kidding, there really
wasn't any reason that I couldn't or shouldn't have gone
today except that I didn't want to ... It was a pretty
shitty day althogether though. I had to get up early to
meet with my trainer...5:30 to be exact. She always kicks
my ass. Anyways, then in health I thought it would be a
good day since the evil dictator teacher wasn't there but
it wasn't. We had to watch a video about this anorexic
girl who was 6o pounds and it was really sad. I almost
bawled, which is obviously not quite ideal. But more about
shitty day later, my mother beckons to me....

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