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2010-04-08 20:43:06 (UTC)


Wow...uhm...sorry for not writing for a while. It hasn't
been that long...but longer than I had wanted to do when I
first signed up. ^^

The reason that I haven't written in a
that...well...nothing has really happened!

My brother and dad went fishing on Sunday...I named three
of the four fish he caught. They were Fiver, Pipkin, and
Bigwig. Points to whoever can come up with what book those
names were from. ^^ Bigwig bled a they threw him
back. But Fiver and Pipkin came home with be
killed. ;_; Sadness.

Summer's getting all jealous that I hang out with Dani
more than her. -.- I think she should just get over
it...Dani is my best friend and she...well...isn't! And
I'm still moving soon - so it's not like I'm even gonna
talk to her after this next week. I'mma be...GONE. I'mma
be...CLOSER TO DANI. You should be...ABLE TO GET OVER IT.

Dani continued fencing lessons Tuesday and yesterday.
Actually was just yesterday cause Mom hadn't said
anything about what I could and couldn't do by Tuesday.
Yesterday was HARD. She made me fence nothing - air. I had
to imagine an opponent...imagine everything they were
doing. "You can't do it for real until you can do it in
your head." Bull. But I ended up doing it anyway...after
an hour of arguing. -.- I just had to imagine fighting
someone that was close enough to me in a way that I could
hate their guts and have a reason for it. ^^

Well...I guess that's all for now. Until something
happens. ;) See ya'