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2010-04-07 11:09:55 (UTC)

School Holidays!

Dear diary,

Missing my kiddies at mo,they are at nursery till this
afternoon and seems like forever.
The eldest is happy on fifa10 with his friend husband at
work dogs quiet....life is soo boring?
Im a window watcher,watching everybody elses life carry on
while mine seems to stay at a stand still?
Dont' get me wrong im not complaining in fact i love it
all i ever wanted was children and husband and play
house,maybe i wanted to give my children a better version
of what i had,although my mum did a fab job under the
circumstances of which we lived in however i just wanted
things to be different for my 3.
What i need is a job,learn to drive,get some
qualifications basically just to do something im looking
forward to learning to drive it will make life so much
easier if i can ever get the car moving my last attempt
was like strapping a kiddie seat onto a kangaroo and
saying mutchilago it just didnt work but the more i try
the better i should get....she says with great faith.
im sure i will be back later with my ramblings by for

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