my life
2010-04-07 04:59:54 (UTC)


After years of trying to present an united front, i am done. The kids are 21 and
19 and I am done. I am done reminding them to call their dad, I am done
buying presents for him with my money. If they want a relationship with him, let
them take the initiative. It is freeing and liberating to not pretend we are a
family. We are not, we haven't been and probably, never were. It was a figment
of my imagination" the loving husband that supported the kids and wife, that
was a strong Christian, that held a job, was truthful and responsible. Wow, this
feels so good. Stop living the lie. It was what it was. The kids saw through it. Its
okay to date, to love. I am ready. Let's go for it!