I'm insane.
2010-04-07 03:11:14 (UTC)

first post? 4-6-10

Well, I guess this is my diary. I know for a fact that no one
will read this, but i guess thats good, since this is a diary.
If anyone is reading this, I go by Lewis and i'm a (__) year
old girl. Fun, right? I do stupid stuff. There are currently
7 girls in my school pregnant, and i think i'm going to want
to remember that in my later years. Today was a fantastic
day. just playing. I just realized that i didn't read
anything about this site, and it could be a bunch of kids on
here complaining about their lives. I just like to write,
even though i'm horrible at it and have the grammar of a 10
year old. yah hurd?! and My life doesn't suck. I guess i'm
just an average teenager, that hates other teenagers. that
might be common on here though, i'm not sure yet. i'm
rambling into an online diary, step 1 into realizing you have
no life and no one else cares about the details of your day? i
think so. lets seee, what happened today? I went to the gym,
and couldn't even run a mile. damn, i know. not even one mile.
soccer moms were showing me up. cheer tryouts are next
monday. GO TEAM! just kidding, i'm not enthusiastic about
anything. well, nothing else happend today. Currently weigh=
169 pounds. soon this will turn into "confessions of a fat
teenager." i can only hope that once this happens, this will
become a bestseller, so then i can afford the gastric bypass i

currently listening to: I'm awesome - Spose.