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2010-04-06 14:46:45 (UTC)


why is it that i cant find any of my dreamer logs on this
website im getting kind of worried lately to soon im meeting
up with THE BULL to go to the movies with her and her
friends at 2 a clock tonight and the thing that sucks is i
don't thing these people like an any was at all but i mean
that wont be a surprise though. oh im so pissed i just wrote
a really good chapter but then i lose it i mean how is it
really even possible to for me to become a writer i totally
suck a spelling,punctuation,timing, yet i can write a dame
good story and enjoy doing so i even get lots of a for my
writing but yet because of how i suck at getting things done
on time some other dame kid gets a prize and college money
which i barely have at all im so screwed and if i don't
screw up in high school with my grades because i suck at
time i might make a good impression and they might give me a
chance to go to college which is like a dream to me. what
the hell do i do. but lately i have been having fun being
active with out having to go to one of thoughs stupid
activity clubs i really don't see what makes them so
important to actually give kids scholars to some colleges i
mean this is just my oppion on the subject but i think i
have learned way more skills in my short life time then they
have for years im really? its just dum aat least to me and
my friends.
the thing that sucks even more out of all this is that i
still really want to go to a camp and have fun with new
people a possibly make a long life friend but so far i cant
do shit still because my now ex aunt Reba just screwed both
my mom and dad plus Shari! and Shari didn't diverse the shit
people are putting her through i just hope she doesn't hate
me plus know i never lied what happened with dad and mom or
me but i doesn't mean i hate him or want to destroy his life
plus on top of all that i could have gone to camp and lived
just a little before it was to late as just a normal kid
dreamer this sucks im in a huge fucking rut and have to get
out of it now while keeping my grades to at least an average
in the 8th grade not piss my mom of or ignore my friends or
give them a reason to hate me and show dad i do care that he
is my father even with the shit that still kinda happening
right now.

p.s dreamer your lucky at least u dont have any worry's do
you think the movie thing will do great? its pg 13 which i
love because there will be blood and action yea! luv u
dreamer your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s.p-its been a whole month and im still obsessed with
Shurlock Holmes movie and have watched the movie like 17

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