Diary of a Break Up
2010-04-05 21:57:24 (UTC)

What a jerk!

I guess man really do love BITCHES. I had tried
everything to win him back and nothing worked. Suddenly
after a scratched his face and took another man to his
Restaurant, he calls me Thursday night and says that he
wants to go to the cottage with me on Friday to help me do
some work. I was surprised but I accepted his invitation
as I do need to get some work done there.

The same night he calls me and starts telling me that he
has been thinking allot about me and that I am the most
wonderful woman that he has ever meet, He said that I was
beautiful and gorgeous and that he didn't feel anything
for the women that he had been dating and that he wants to
see if we can work things out. He says that he sees that
I've changed. I was always the nicest girl in the world
to him. I bent over backwards for him over and over again
and he never appreciated it. Once I became I B*$$#@ he
decides that I am good enough. I am so confused. I have
no idea what's going through his mind but I've been
waiting for 3 months to hear those words from him and it
made me happy. So we went to the cottage had a great time
and then he doesn't call me for the next couple of days,

I called him last night and he called me back he said that
he had tested me. He wanted to see if I would go to the
cottage and finish off what we started on Friday, but I
didn't so he said that I haven't changed after all and
that he just wanted to leave it at that. WOW I guess
that's what he called trying. That is the shittiest
effort I have seen from anybody, specially him. I guess
it wasn't that important to him or he didn't want it that
much. What a Jerk.!!! He gets my hopes up and then he
does this,

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