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2010-04-05 15:00:16 (UTC)

my spring break

during spring break it was really nice out so i spent most
of the time outside wit friends only 1 day that i didnt go
outside. and it was beacause i was really tired. it was a
fun 9 days. it was relly fun all together. but i wish
spring break was stilll two weeks. it will be alot better
beacuse we would have more time to have fun and not have

we played alot of football and basketball. most
of the basketball was at the sports pavillian. then we
would go to my friends house and chill. or we would chill
before. i really didnt want to come back to school 2day.
beacause i am so tired from last weekend.

it is going to feel like a very boring week
bacause last week was so much fun now i have to go back to
the old school week. i am really not looking forward to my
classes or anything about school. the only thing is art
sometimes it is fun beacause of the projects. but
sometimes i dont like it.

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